Plant: After last frost

Lactuca sativa

200 seeds/pack

We have 15 lettuce varieties in stock and they are all here in this ultimate salad mix: reds, greens, blushes, crunch, butter, romaine, looseleaf, yum. We'll sure you put them to good use in your garden and salad bowl. Lettuce can be direct seeded or started in trays. If you want nice big heads then I recommend you start the seeds in trays so you can transplant into your garden at optimum spacing. Cover seeds by about 1/8 inch. Not too deep or they will be buried alive. In fact lettuce likes a little bit of light to germinate. Your babies will pop right up at 60-70 degrees F. If it is still early spring and cool then a heat mat will really get them popping. Transplant at 8 inches apart to get nice heads and good ground cover.