Plant: Early Spring or Fall

Brassica oleraceae

100 seeds/ pack   I   Heirloom

Cool season biennial, does best in temperate climates. Sow ¼” deep in mid to late summer to transplant in late summer. Large, slow growing plants require 2 ft spacing between plants. Cold tolerant down to mid teens.

Open-pollinated overwinter cauliflower varieties are quickly becoming an endangered species, and that’s why Nash’s has been stewarding this variety for over 25 years. This variety is summer planted and requires vernalization (going through a winter) to trigger heading the following spring. All Year Cauli is a large producing plant. Heads are well protected by tight wrapper leaves which keep them white and protected from damage. This crop makes a welcome addition to your table or farmer’s market booth when spring greens are scarce. Variability in maturity allows for several harvests from one planting.