Plant: After last frost

Capsicum annuum

50 seeds/pack    |   80 days   |   Heirloom

Fish peppers satisfy both the culinary adventurer and the ornamental gardener.  The entire 2-3 foot plant is variegated, including the 1-2 inch peppers. This comes across as green with white in the leaves. The fruits begin white and green and as they mature become red and orange. Peppers are about 2 1/2 to 3-inches in length and are of a medium hot pungency. The white peppers were used extensively in the early 1900's to make a special white sauce for fish and shellfish.

The history of these seeds is given in an excellent article by Mother Earth News. Used by the African American community around Baltimore and Philadelphia as early as 1900, it is believed these peppers originated from a mutation of the Serrano pepper.