Plant: After last frost

Capsicum annuum

50 seeds/pack   |   80-90 days   |    Heirloom

We've been hearing about this heirloom Italian pepper and seeing it at the farmer's market for the past few years and I'm glad we decided to give it a try this year. It is very sweet and flavorful when eaten raw and those flavors really coalesce when fried or sauteed. To do so we just took off the stems and seeds then fried the whole peppers as a side dish. Yum. These are also traditionally dried by stringing them up through the stems for winter use.

Each plant reached 2-3 ft tall and was loaded with 25-30 bright red fruits through the season. The peppers are anywhere from 5-8 inches long and are thin skinned and slender with interesting shapes and dimensions. The plants and fruits are vigorous and not prone to rot or sunburn.  Thanks to Jimmy Nardello for saving this great variety and passing it along to Seed Saver's Exchange in 1983. It is now listed on the Slow Food Arc of Taste.