Plant: After last frost

Capsicum annuum

50 seeds/pack   |   80-90 days   |    Heirloom

Brought to the USA by Jimmy Nardello’s mother in 1887, this stunningly beautiful Italian heirloom is now listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste. These peppers are known for their thin skins and superb flavor. They are often fried or strung through the stems and dried for winter use. The 3 ft tall plants bear loads of these peppers and will benefit from staking.

The peppers are anywhere from 5-8 inches long and are thin skinned and slender with interesting shapes and dimensions. The plants and fruits are vigorous and not prone to rot or sunburn.  Thanks to Jimmy Nardello for saving this great variety and passing it along to Seed Saver's Exchange in 1983. It is now listed on the Slow Food Arc of Taste.