Plant: After last frost

Zea mays

50 seeds/pack | 120 days |  Heirloom

Lorenzo's corn is an Heirloom of unknown, though possible Cherokee, origin. It was grown for many years by Lorenzo of Corning. Lorenzo was an organic olive oil producer who was also an early advocate for organics in the 80-90s. He was given this corn, anecdotally by a Cherokee, and spent many years growing it and eventually passed it on to Susie Lawing of Chico. Susie has been distributing this variety for many years at seed swaps in Chico and passed it on to us to continue stewarding the seed. 

The dried kernels can be ground to make a flavorful corn meal for breads, polenta, etc. We have eaten it as a breakfast mush with honey- YUM! It is a long season corn, up to 120 days, and needs to be planted at 12-18 inches. Proper spacing will ensure 2 ears per plant. Corn loves nitrogen so be sure to enrich your soil with compost.