Farming with Child

Maisie planted the corn on the right hand side!


It is a good thing we are rich in seed I have realized lately. These past two weeks, really these past two months, we have been in planting season. Parenting does not stop when I have to go to work on the farm. Little Maisie now toddles, and almost runs, around the farm as we get our summer crops in the ground. Pre-baby, I remember speaking with other farming mamas I know and hearing the stories about their little ones...pulling up the freshly planted transplants, walking on the beds (oh the horror!), and eating seeds.

Well, they were right...and wrong. Being a farming mama has changed my outlook a bit. It is ok if I have weeds in my garden. It is even ok if I have A LOT of weeds in my garden:) It is ok if my child walks on the beds. Heck, she only weighs 27 lbs or so. Just this morning we were weeding together. She is quickly distinguishing between the 'malas yierbas' and the 'tomates'.

Last night we were transplanting squash together in a bed. She really wants to do what I am doing. So I give her a plant and dig the hole for her. Her chubby little hands place the plant in the hole and I pat it in. Next one mama! We do about 10 like this and then I call for dad! And this is the key to farming with child in my book....the pass off. So dad scoops up the little sprout and off they go on a bike ride and the planting gets done. Yes a few of the plants have received a bit too much love from Maisie, but they are already perking up again.

We've also been planting seeds together. She knows what to do with seeds these days (as you would expect from the child of seed farmers). We planted a row of Marfax soup beans last night just for us to eat. And this brings me back to why I am glad we are rich in seed. I let her take a few handfuls to plant herself. Yes, she planted about 50 of them in the same place. Next year we'll work on spacing:)

Ok, more later. I had better publish quick before she wakes up!


  • Renee says...

    What a wonderful blog! I look forward to your next entry. I have always appreciated how chill you are about stuff!way to go.

    On March 28, 2023

  • Mama Mar says...

    While walking around the garden listening to the birds and smelling the Salvia sclarea, I read your blog out loud to my “pass-off” partner. We both nodded and grinned. Welcome to parenthood Redwoods

    On March 28, 2023

  • Meghan says...

    Beautifully said Kalan!

    On March 28, 2023

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