Mission, Ethics and Vision 

Our leading ethics center upon: Seed excellence, Environmental Stewardship, Community and Collaboration 
Our vision connects folks with the natural world, and each other, through their gardens. Every seed saver is a gardener and we hope to inspire every gardener to also be a seed saver! 
Our mission is to provide backyard gardeners with education and amazing plant varieties!



This seed collection represents over 15 years of collecting and evaluation. Many of our varieties are farm favorites we have grown time and time again. Each year we trial new varieties, always in search of great cultivars well suited for home gardeners like ourselves.

 The seeds we offer are all Certified Organic by CCOF and open pollinated. We are signers of the Safe Seed Pledge as well as are members of the Open Seed Source Initiative, OSSI. 


girl with bean seeds in her hands


We continue to grow the majority of our seeds here on the farm, around 85%. Others are sourced from other organic seed producers including First Rain Farm, Seed rEvololution Now, Feral Farm, Fellowship Farms, Hobbs and MeyersMeyerhoff Farm and Homeward Bounty Farm.     

Use the Quick Order form if you have a good idea of what you want or are in a hurry.  We welcome your feed back, photos of your gardens and questions.