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  • Direct Seed or Transplant?

    Direct Seed or Transplant?

    Do you prefer to start seeds in trays or direct sow? This can be confusing for gardeners just getting started and experienced green thumbs alike. Read more to learn our methods and thoughts on direct seeding vs transplanting.  Read more »

  • Growing Great Corn

    Growing Great Corn

    If I could be a plant, it might be corn. Being able to photosynthesis has always captured my imagination. Corn seems to be especially good at turning sunlight into golden sweetness andI love standing in the corn field during mid-tassle and silking while listening to the buzz of the honey bees collecting pollen. Are you planning to grow corn this season? Understanding how corn pollinates is one key to successful cultivation. Corn is wind pollinated so those bees I just mentioned don’t actually do the bulk of the pollination. Instead the light pollen grains float on the wind to land on silk tassels... read more »

  • Planting for Monarchs

    Monarch butterfly with dahlia flower

      I always like to try something new. One variety in particular that I’m excited about is Swan Plant. A couple months ago I saw this variety being offered by another seed company under the name Hairy Balls. One look at the seed pods and you can see where they get this name. I had a chuckle but kept scrolling.  Fast forward to our New Zealand trip this spring.  My daughter's piano teacher in NZ has this plant growing in pots in her kitchen bay window covered in Monarch butterfly larvae happily munching. Come to find out, this plant goes by the much nicer name... read more »

  • Organic control of Yellow Star Thistle

    Organic control of Yellow Star Thistle

    New for 2023! Yellow Starthistle Seed. Back by popular demand, this amazing drought tolerant cover crop will add root mass to your soil while attracting pollinators and other beneficial insects to your garden. Need a hedge to keep deer or unwanted humans away? Starthistle is your weed!  Read more »

  • 3 Staple Culinary Herbs

    3 Staple Culinary Herbs

    This past week, in the Seed House, we took a physical inventory of all our packed seed and found a few surprises. The biggest being that we had 348 packets of dill ready to go!  Normally we keep about 50-150 of a given variety packed at any time depending on past sales. Needless to say, 348 packets of dill is a bit excessive.  In light of this we are going to be including a free ‘thank you’ packet of dill in every order for the rest of the season and I expect we will be donating a lot of dill to community... read more »