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  • Two Farm Favorites for 2024!

    Two Farm Favorites for 2024!

      Big Max Pumpkin: If you are interested in entering a giant pumpkin contest this is a good variety to try. We were going for good seed production so isolation distances for purity were our main concern. If you want to grow a big'un, do a quick google search and you'll find plenty of advice from feeding it milk to setting up sun shade to stop sun scald. We've grown these a few times in the past but never managed to harvest enough seed to offer. This year, our local seed grower and friends at Meyerhof Farm grew these for us on... read more »

  • What to Plant and When!

    What to Plant and When!

    What seeds to plant and when?? My general advice is to wait a little longer. It is mid January- cold, dark and wet. Until there is a bit more natural daylight, germination and plant growth will be slow. Unless you have a super light and heat set up in a greenhouse or grow room then you will have an uphill battle caring for seedlings right now. They will essentially be houseplants. We have an unheated greenhouse and I do sometimes start seeds in late January for cabbage, greens and lettuce. They will germinate on their own but a heat mat will speed... read more »

  • Four Summer Squash for Good Eating!

    Four Summer Squash for Good Eating!

    With the passage of the solstice I've been thinking about summer squash and reflecting on the varieties we offer. Our seed collection is the result of over 15 years work and if varieties aren't up to snuff you won't see them in our catalog. Here are my brief thoughts on our four top summer squash varieties and why we carry them. Read more »

  • Five Great Melon Varieties!

    Five Great Melon Varieties!

    Seasons greetings all- With the New Year fast approaching I look back on my garden successes and fails this past season. This is always a time of garden reflection for me. Melons were a mixed bag this year, mostly depending on where they were grown, with those closer to the house sustaining far less ground squirrel damage. Usually we only grow one variety of melon and watermelon per field to keep our seed pure. Doing this I can grow three different varieties spread out on our 40 acre parcel which is just what we did with watermelon this year: we... read more »

  • New for 2024

    New for 2024

    In alphabetical order here are my top 10 new or returning varieties for 2024! 1. Bright Lights Cosmos- My friend and co-worker, Abby, remembers these in her mother's garden growing up. We grew these flowers in remembrance of her mother, Vivian Lynn Parker, whose bright light will continue to shine through the ones she loved and the beauty she brought to this world. 2. California Sungold Tomato- Many have tried to create an open pollinated version of the tasty Sungold hybrid tomato. My seed breeder friend Steve Peters gave it a go and I think these are very close in flavor. The fruits are slightly... read more »