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  • Transplanting Success

    Transplanting Success

    All of a sudden we have arrived at that critical point in the garden. Weather at this time of year can be tricky with surprise hail storms and even frost. How do we navigate inclement spring weather and what are the best transplanting methods? Read more »

  • What does it all mean: Organic, Heirloom and Regenerative Agriculture defined

    What does it all mean: Organic, Heirloom and Regenerative Agriculture defined

    I would like to explore the meaning behind some terms that are used often but not always understood. In particular, I find it interesting to explore the term Regenerative Agriculture as it relates to my practice in the garden. As a farmer I truly feel schooled by my garden each season and my methods continuously evolve. The last few years we have been transitioning much of our growing space to a no-till/ low-till system in an effort to improve soil health, water retention and create an underground micobiome of life. The result of this effort has been striking: richer soils, full... read more »

  • Dual Purpose Gardens: Eat and Save Seeds Too!

    Dual Purpose Gardens: Eat and Save Seeds Too!

    A few weeks ago we focused on seed saving and I promised to return to the topic. Today we return! If you hope to save seed from your garden this season, a little planning goes a long way. Specifically, knowing how many varieties of a given species you can grow without cross pollination. If you want to refresh your memory or missed the last seed saving blog you can view it here. A commmon question I hear is this. Can I still eat from my seed garden? Absolutely, you can grow for food and seed in the same space. Remember the golden... read more »

  • Year-Round Harvest- Planning your garden

    Year-Round Harvest- Planning your garden

    A common question I hear is, "What do I plant, when?" Timing is a cornerstone in the garden. For experienced gardeners this becomes intuitive, but when you are first embarking it can be a steep learning curve. The same is true when one moves to a new gardening zone. To make it simple in my mind, I lump annual veggies into two main groups: warm season and cool season. Most climate zones experience their warm season in the summer months and the cool season in the shoulder seasons of fall and spring. The exceptions to this are northern latitudes and mountain/coastal... read more »

  • Variety Spotlight Sunflowers

    Variety Spotlight Sunflowers

    There are many things to love about the sunflower: its beauty, height, vigor and food potential to name a few. They have been a regular in my garden for the last 20 years and are always a top seed seller which tells me that my love for this flower is not unique. A few weeks ago I read that the sunflower had become a symbol for Ukrainian resistance and peace and that got me wanting to know more. So I started googling, reading and have distilled that info below. Origins and History: The common sunflower Helianthus annuus originated in North... read more »