Farming in the Foothills

Once upon a time we were eager 'beginning' farmers in our 20s dreaming of land. In 2005 we found land in the foothills of Mt. Lassen in northern CA. This region is in Yana territory and we see evidence that many native people lived in this valley rich with game, fish, acorns and obsidian lithics. 

The farm was completely burned in a forest fire when we purchased the parcel and we worked with a USDA grant to replant 11 acres of conifers, many of which are thriving nearly 15 years later. Through carbon sequestration, brush clearing and maintaining natural habitat we strive to walk softly here and protect this 40 acres for future generations. 

The seed business officially began in 2009 after years of dabbling in seed saving and growing seeds on contract for other companies. Seed saving has grown on us, excuse the pun, and has become an all encompassing way of life. Most of the seeds on our site were grown on our farm with a handful purchased from other small scale organic farmers. Our farming practices include crop rotation, interplanting, cover cropping, low-till and water conservation.

We seek out heirloom and open pollinated varieties that will perform in our Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot dry summers and cold wet winters. We keep in mind the high mountains, hot valleys and coastal climates with many heat tolerant and short season varieties.  Our seeds are all Certified Organic by CCOF and are open pollinated meaning gardeners can save their own pure seed from our stock. We support independent breeding work and are pledged to the Open Source Seed Initiative.  

Over time our family has expanded to include two children, one dog and a succession of cats. I can't claim to be  a 'beginning ' farmer anymore, though have realized that each season schools me.  From our garden to yours, we strive to bring you the best seeds we can grow. 

The Redwood Family

Kalan Redwood harvesting tomatoes