California Organic Seed Summit- 8th Annual

The California Organic Seed Summit is taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area on Feb 3-5, 2023. This will be the 8th annual event and is open to seedy folks: seed keepers, commercial seed growers, seed companies, breeders and others who love seeds and want to get involved. There are options to attend in person and virtually plus some sessions will be recorded.

We are meeting at the University of the Redlands in San Anselmo, CA and there is onsite lodging included with the registration cost on a sliding scale starting at $75. Homecooked meals are also provided with registration.

In the past, these summits have been amazing opportunities to network and collaborate with other seed growers and companies throughout CA. I love that the keywords are collaborate and cooperate and I always come away from these feeling lifted and inspired.

There will be a mix of presentations on various seed related topics as well as open sessions where participants can learn from and teach one another. I plan to share about our new record keeping system and seed cleaning equipment.

The weekend will include:

*Information sharing sessions between seed producers, seed companies, breeders, seed stewards, and other stakeholders on topics such as equipment, collective business models, and cultural connections to seeds.

*Cooperative planning for shared needs such as equipment or seed contracts.

*Networking between participants to help find opportunities for collaboration.

*Hear research updates and learn about organic seed production.

*Seed Showcase- bring your seeds to show and share.

If you've been seed curious and wondering how you can get involved with seed growing this could be the event for you. We are a welcoming group of folks and are working to make this event accessible to all. The summit is sponsored by the Organic Seed Alliance and scholarships are available.

Feel free to email or message me with any questions you might have about the event. It would be great to see you there!



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