Fall Seed Saving in photos

Stocky Red Roaster sweet peppers are a new farm favorite. Seeds will be further separated from the flesh and dried.

Stocky Red Roaster sweet peppers were a huge hit on the farm this season. I have been hearing about these for several years. This Italian style sweet roasting pepper is the breeding work of Frank Morton and are open source seeds.  We loved the thick sweet flesh. No sunburning and no rot! These seeds will be further separated and dried. Coming soon for 2019

Here is our old friend Calypso or Orca bean. Each time I grow these again I am stunned but their beauty! We rarely eat them since they are our seed stock but when we do I am again impressed. When cooked they swell up considerably and are tender and creamy. 

Look for these and many other new seed varieties that we will offer in 2019.