A Seedy Challenge and our new site...

Can you identify the seeds used to create this mandala?
To celebrate our new website we are presenting this seed challenge. The first 15 people to correctly ID 10 of the 13 seed types will receive 15% off any seed order. You can view the mandala on our website www.redwoodseeds.net. The mandala is part of the slide show or click the thumbnail above.
Email us your answers. Please share this contest far and wide!

What is new on our website...

Quick Order FormUse this form quickly add items to your cart without navigating away from the one page. This will save you time, especially if your internet connection is slow! Out of all the improvements to the site this is probably the one we are most excited about.

Collections:  We have created four collections of seeds for gardeners looking for certain seeds for their conditions. These include Drought Tolerant, Kid's Collection, Homesteader Essentials and Short Season.

School Gardens: For the past three years we have been partnered with Sequoia Middle School's garden project in providing seeds as well as the opportunity for a seed fundraiser each year. Over the past three years the garden has raised nearly $1500 through our fundraiser. We offer this same program to other schools wishing to expand their gardens.

Seed Donations: Each year we donate hundreds of packs of seeds to various organizations including schools, community gardens and silent auctions. If your organization needs seeds visit this page and fill our our new donation request form!

Seed Saving:  We are firm believers in educating gardeners to save their own seeds. This page links to seed saving guides we have created. Visit our events page to attend the next class we teach.


Thank you to...

We've been dreaming of this new site for the past year; after many hours of design, product description editing and html work we are finally live! Many thanks all who helped make this a reality.

Thank you to my brother and fabulous graphic designer, Nate Milhous. Nate's design work can be seen in our logo and on our seed pack, signs and business cards. His work is clean and sharp. He is available for free lance work and has recently launched his own t-shirt company at www.freshpresses.com

Thank you to Marc Pfister, web master and map maker extraordinaire. Marc was the man behind our first site and the upgrade to the new site has been primarily thanks to his expertise. Marc is also the web master for my brother's t-shirt website and is available for free lance work. 

Thank you to Sheena Tesch for your many hours spent uploading photos and editing seed description. We have been truly lucky to have you on our technical team this past year!

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