Our seeds are 100% certified organic by CCOF. and all open pollinated. Many are also heirlooms. We continue to grow the majority of our seeds here on the farm, around 95%. A handful of varieties are sourced from two other local organic farms here in northern California, First Rain Farm and Spring Fed Organic Farm and Nursery.

We are signers of the Safe Seed Pledge and listed on the Safe Seed Resource List. We wanted to take this pledge one step further than 'not knowingly' selling GMO seeds. In 2013 we began a program of testing our corn and beet seed for GMO contamination through Genetic ID. Click here to see our latest test results. To date none of the varieties tested have been contaminated with GMO.

If you prefer to order by catalog, you can download our 2014 Catalog here and mail us your order with a check.

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Drought Tolerant

These seeds have been selected to tolerate low or infrequent watering.

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Homesteader Essentials

Our picks for varieties that deliver maximum nutrition for minimal effort and space.

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Kid's Collection

These varieties top our list for gardening with children. They are easy to plant, tasty and fun to watch grow!

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