Farming with Child: Everything in rounds

Being mom and farming at the same time is a busy and beautiful experience. Look around our yard and you will see: a big blue wheelbarrow and and a tiny red, Mama's shovel and Maisie's shovel, and yes, the ride on, steel, pedal, craig's list kid's tractor- that is the newest addition:) She wants to help and do everything we do. So whether planting seeds, forking beds or picking strawberries she wants to be right there.


Every thing in rounds. Cyclical. Now we read books, and now we water the garden, now we wheelbarrow fire wood, and now we plant the seeds, and now mama has time to write. We cycle through each task on the farm again and again.

I recently took a survey for a friend who is exploring Nature tutoring for children who may experience Nature Deficit Disorder. See it here

It made me more grateful for the childhood we are providing our daughter. For her outside is simply part of our living space. Through summer heat and many of winter's chilly winds we are out doors a lot (our house is really tiny:)


We are quickly heading into spring here on our farm in northern CA. Plums and apricots are blooming at 2500 ft in the foothills, at least a month ahead of a normal spring. Can I say climate change? It seems that our drought is not going to let up for 2015. This is the west, the land of mega droughts. If you want a good book on climate in the west check out The West Without Water.

Our seed crop of Scarlet Ohno Red Turnips are going to seed. Brilliant yellow profusions of blooms. We are getting ready to start our spring crops of peas, brassicas, lettuces and herbs. This week we'll bring the greenhouse back to life. This winter it has become the giant shed full of kiddy bikes, trikes, barrows and spades! We are now those people with an excess of colorful kid toys out front.

We are entering market season. Come visit us at the Saturday market in Chico and the Sunday market in Sacramento this weekend and for the next couple months. We'll also be at the Chico Seed Swap on March 1st and the Arcata Seed Swap on March 28th. We'll have our full selection of seeds available at all events.

We wish you a great garden year! And now we head to the garden to direct seed radishes, after snacks of course!



  • Audrey Kwiatkowski says...

    I was wondering if I could get a catalog of your seeds sent to my home address in Whitmore. I could send you some money first for the shipping if necessary.
    Thanks! Audrey Kwiatkowski

    10600 His Haven Way
    Whitmore, CA 96096

    On March 28, 2023

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