This complete garden seed kit include 24 varieties of warm and cool season plants. We also include planting instructions so even the complete garden novice can be successful.

Warm Season: Rattlesnake Snap Pole Bean, Golden Bantam Sweet Corn, Mid-East Prolific Cucumbers, Bidwell Casaba, Early Moonbeam Watermelon, Amish Pimiento Sweet Pepper, Ancho/Poblano Pepper, Sweetmeat Squash, Yellow Crookneck Squash, Russian Mammoth Sunflower, Milano Plum Paste Tomato, Black Cherry Tomato, Thessaloniki Tomato.

Cool Season: Arugula, Great Greens Mix, Prizehead Lettuce, Sugaree Snap Pea, Detroit Red Beet, Danvers Carrot, All American Parsnip, Kale Mix

Herbs: Cilantro, Dill, Italian Large Leaf Basil