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  • Tips for Insulating your Winter Garden + Seed Sale!

    Tips for Insulating your Winter Garden + Seed Sale!

    How is your garden handling the cold? At this time of year, through January, growth in the garden slows as daylight wanes. There two main things you can do to prolong your harvest and even overwinter your plants into the spring. Read more »

  • Garlic Planting 101

    Garlic Planting 101

    Garlic is fall planted, mulched and left alone for months to grow, weeded a bit in spring then harvested in early summer. While it does take quite a long time to mature, garlic is not very fussy and will produce even in poor soils under drought conditions. Read more »

  • Cover Crop for Better Soils

    Cover Crop for Better Soils

    As I anticipate fall rains a few things come to mind: garlic, poppies and cover crops. These all like to be sown with the fall rains, provided they are not too late! Today we will explore cover cropping- what, why, how and when. Stay tuned for garlic and poppies. What and why? I plant cover crops for two main reasons. 1. To improve soil fertility through the planting of leguminous plants that, with the help of rhizobia bacteria, actually capture nitrogen from the air and fix it into the soil for plants to use. Wow, read that again. Amazing! This means cover cropping with... read more »

  • No Till Gardening? Here's how!

    No Till Gardening? Here's how!

    This week I've received a couple of questions about how we use tarps in our no-till gardens. Good question! I was wondering the same about 4 years ago as I contemplated the concept of no-till gardening. The main problem I could see was that our garden space is quite large- about 2 acres- and weed control would be a big problem without tilling. First, why no-till? There are many good reasons to strive for no/low-till gardens. Here are my top three: 1. Preserves soil structure and the microbiology in top soils. 2.Sequesters carbon in soil 3. Prevents soil compaction caused by... read more »

  • Manton Apple Festival Oct 1, 2022

    Manton Apple Festival Oct 1, 2022

    This next week is in full steam ahead leading up to our local Apple Festival. The small community we live in, Manton, usually has a population around 500 but on the first Saturday in October each year the Apple Festival attracts more than 5000 visitors! It is a first rate crafts fair with many food vendors, apple goods and live music all day. Read more »