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  • Become a Market Gardener!

    Become a Market Gardener!

    Have you ever wondered about selling your produce (or seedlings, flowers, seeds, crafts, food items) at a local farmer’s market? We’ve talked to two awesome woman farmer’s here in northern CA about what they would advise to get started.  Mindy Nickler, from Nickler Acres, sells produce, flowers and eggs at the Saturday Market by the River in Red Bluff, CA and the Wednesday market in Chico. She is a year round market gardener and grows amazing micro greens as well!    Abby Lawless from Sugar Pine Farm offers her produce seasonally through an honor system in Manton and at the... read more »

  • Variety Spotlight: Styrian Hulless Seeded Pumpkin

    Variety Spotlight: Styrian Hulless Seeded Pumpkin

    As the name suggests, the seeds of this variety are hulless meaning you can just pop them in your mouth and eat. They have a wonderful nutty flavor and are delicious raw or lightly toasted with salt or spices. These pumpkins have not been bred for their flesh but it can be eaten as soups, stews or used for livestock. With orange skins and some green striping these could also be used for Halloween pumpkins and the seeds harvested at that time. The seeds are a great source of protein and once dried will keep until you are looking for a... read more »

  • Pruning Apple Trees

    Pruning Apple Trees

    There are several reasons to prune your trees including to increase air flow and sunlight to fruiting areas. The increased air flow will protect your trees against disease. Sunlight will better penetrate the canopy of the tree and produce better fruit. Removing excess non fruiting branches also concentrates the tree’s energy into the fruiting wood.  Read more »

  • California Organic Seed Summit- 8th Annual

    California Organic Seed Summit- 8th Annual

    The California Organic Seed Summit is taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area on Feb 3-5, 2023. This will be the 8th annual event and is open to seedy folks: seed keepers, commercial seed growers, seed companies, breeders and others who love seeds and want to get involved. There are options to attend in person and virtually plus some sessions will be recorded. We are meeting at the University of the Redlands in San Anselmo, CA and there is onsite lodging included with the registration cost on a sliding scale starting at $75. Homecooked meals are also provided with registration. In the past,... read more »

  • Returning for 2023: Red Noodle Bean and Danver's Carrots

    Returning for 2023: Red Noodle Bean and Danver's Carrots

    Today I'm excited to talk about two varieties that we have back in stock this year. Both varieties were grown by my friends and upcoming seed growers at Meyerhof Farm here in our little town of Manton. They are in their third year of seed growing for us and really nailed it this year! Read more »