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  • Planting Fall Lettuce

    Planting Fall Lettuce

    This brings us to fall lettuce! If you are in zone 9 like us, or higher you can grow great lettuce all fall and really even all winter. Folks in colder climates can also grow a lot of lettuce in the fall and with the help of season extenders like row cover and high tunnels well into the winter months. Read more »

  • Saving Tomato Seeds: A Step by Step Guide

    Saving Tomato Seeds: A Step by Step Guide

    Hopefully by this time of the summer you're rolling in tomatoes wherever you may live! I'd like to use this week's email to share the 'how to' for saving tomato seeds. Cleaning tomato seeds has always been a favorite of mine. I love the very visceral process and the golden seed is so beautiful. At a seed saving class years ago one student described the seeds as little fluffy ant pillows! Commercially produced seed, by the big seed companies, is mostly washed clean of hairs. But as you can see in the photo above, tomato seed is covered in fine... read more »

  • Back To School: Sowing Seeds Of Curiosity

    Back To School: Sowing Seeds Of Curiosity

    Planting seeds fascinates kids of all ages, from the very young to teens. Over the years I have done these activities with my kids, afterschool programs and as classroom activities. If you work with kids in any capacity, planting the fall garden is a great annual activity. Planting can be adjusted depending on the age of the children. The very young, under 5, are still learning to use their fingers and big seeds are best and most rewarding. I recommend peas, beans and sunflowers. These are quick to germinate and will do well planted in a cup and observed on... read more »

  • Plan the Fall Garden

    Plan the Fall Garden

    If you leave your fall garden until the fall, it is too late! The goal is to have your cool season garden mid-production by the time cool weather arrives. If you leave it too late then you won't actually get to eat much during the cool season since the lack of light and cold temps will greatly reduce the growth of fall plants. Read more »

  • Fruit Tree Guilds: Permaculture Style!

    Fruit Tree Guilds: Permaculture Style!

    Fruit tree guilds are modeled from the forest. In a healthy forest there is canopy, undergrowth and ground cover. Each species interacts and provides nutrient, protection or habitat for the others. Read more »