We are an organic seed farm nestled in the Lassen foothills of northern California. Our varieties are open pollinated meaning you too can save seeds from them. We grow cultivars with diverse climate regions in mind; from the coast to the valley and mountains we have seeds that will thrive in your garden.
  • 100% Certified Organic Seeds grown on family farms in northern California
  • Open Pollinated, Non-hybrid, Heirloom, No GMO
  • All seeds planted, harvested, cleaned and packed by hand.

Farm News: Updated 4/9/15  Our winter garden is laden with seeds: kale, turnip, broccoli...the bees did well this spring:) We've been busy transplanting lettuce and our peas are reaching for the trellis. Last week we came home to four inches of hail sitting on our green house, and top of the row cover over the peas! That was quickly followed by our first snow of the year, in April! For those of you who live in the foothills as do we, that will sound familiar. Our garden helper, at 2 years old, knows what to do with a packet of seeds or a transplant. She carefully pats the plants in with chubby hands. All our best for a bountiful spring!

- Kalan, Cam and Maisie Redwood