Plant: Early Spring or Fall

Brassica rapa

200 seeds   l   50 days

Outstanding red to magenta skinned turnip with white interior. Large greens are hairless with reddish coloring up the the rib. Scarlet Ohno was reselected by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds and after we trialed this variety a few years ago we knew it was a winner. The roots are mild enough to slice and eat drizzled with olive oil or dipped in hummus. They also stand up well to a longer simmer in a winter stew. Very delicious just about any way you want to eat them. Don't forget about the greens! These work in salads, soups and stir-fry.

This crop matures very quickly and will keep in the ground for sometime as you eat them. They will however, keep growing. We have harvested some baby-head sized turnips that are surprisingly still tender and delicious.