Plant: After last frost

Capsicum annuum

50 seeds/pack   |   85 days   |    Heirloom

This squat 2-by-4-inch pepper turns red with fleshy folds when mature and is exceedingly sweet. Yields are somewhat early for peppers and it will continue to produce heavily until the frost arrives.  Last season this pepper was an absolute farm favorite for its sweet taste and crunchy texture. We are so in love with this pepper that all the seed we offer has been painstakingly scraped from each pepper by hand, as opposed to the bucket and shovel method, and we saved all the flesh for freezing and drying. I was amazed by how easily these peppers sun dried. There’s nothing like opening up a bag of these peppers to add to winter dishes.  And of course, they are most superb eaten raw. Use as 'chips' for hummus dips or add to smoothies!