Plant: After last frost

Lycopersicon esculentum

25 seeds/pack   |   75-80 days  

The name Atomic Grape paired with the florescent purple striped fruit seduced me. But it is the flavor and texture of this variety that has captured my taste buds. No doubt we will continue to grow Brad's Atomic Grape tomato. Named for it's creator Bradley Gates of Wild Boar Farms in the Napa Valley of California. The goal of Brad is to "create the most amazing tomato varieties there are." Here is how he describes this variety. 

"Indeterminate. These elongated multi-colored large cherries grow in clusters. Lavender and purple striped when immature, turning to green, red / brown with anthocycnin blue stripes when fully ripe. The interior is green with a blushed red when extra ripe. This amazing variety is delicately sweet.The fruit holds well on the vine and post harvest. The wispy foliage but produces a lot of fruit."

You can read about Wild Boar farms here

Here at Redwood Seeds we grew a seed lot of this variety on farm in 2018. To honor the many years of breeding work by Brad  we are paying a voluntary commission of 10% back to the breeder to compensate for this open source cultivar.