Plant: After last frost

Cucurbita pepo

25 seeds/pack   |   90 days

As the name suggests, the seeds of this variety are hulless meaning you can just pop them in your mouth and eat. Wonderful nutty flavor. They are delicious raw or lightly toasted with salt or spices. The flesh of these pumpkins is not very nice to eat but all types of cows, chickens and pigs seem to enjoy. With orange skins and some green striping these could also be used for Halloween pumpkins and the seeds harvested at that time. The seeds are a great source of protein and once dried will keep until you are looking for a snack.

They mature quickly and can be harvested before other winter squashes. We found that if left too long in the field after maturity the seeds will begin to split and germinate inside the pumpkins. To harvest the seeds split pumpkins open and scoop seeds. Once you've cleaned the pumpkin guts off the seeds dry them on a screen until completely dry in a warm location with good air flow. Variety from the Styria region of Austria.